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The name Kärcher is synonymous worldwide with customer satisfaction in a diverse range of applications. At Kärcher, information on all relevant industries is continuously collected, evaluated and interpreted. The innovative and efficient industry solutions with which Kärcher meets the needs of its customers are developed from this bundled expertise.

All Kärcher eco!efficiency cleaning appliances in total will save about 850,000 tonnes of CO₂ emissions. This is equivalent to about 500,000 flights from South Africa to New York. These figures clearly demonstrate how much energy and emissions can be saved by using Kärcher eco!efficiency cleaning appliances. When it comes to climate protection, less is always more.

Your Cleaning Solutions

Cold Water High-Pressure Cleaners

Clean machines, vehicles and buildings daily: with pressure and high capacity cold water pressure washers can also

Hot Water High Pressure Cleaners

With hot water, high-pressure cleaners clean even better with the same amount of pressure, Kärcher machines

Kärcher Dry Vacuum Cleaners

Indispensable wet and dry vacuum cleaners cope with every kind of dirt. Whether dry, damp, or wet, the right

Kärcher Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaners

Compact and whisper quiet compact, mobile Kärcher dry vacuum cleaners have been specially designed to meet

Kärcher Compact Industrial Vacuums

The Kärcher IVC range features a stable and ergonomic push and set down chassis which allows for the best

Hot Steam Cleaners & Steam Vacuum Cleaners

Kärcher steam cleaners & steam vacuum cleaners clean economically and hygienically – without chemicals.

Spray Extraction Machines

Floor coverings, upholstery, office chairs and passenger seats – the powerful, handy Kärcher spray

Single Disc/Scrubbers

Whether on hard surfaces or textile floor coverings: at Kärcher you are guaranteed to find the right single

Floor Scrubbers / Scrubber Dryers

With Kärcher scrubber driers, floors are hygienically clean and spotless. Sparkling performance guaranteed.

Sweepers & Vacuum Sweepers

Maximum sweeping performance – always and everywhere. From the manual sweeper via the walk-behind

Dry Ice Cleaning

In the area of industrial cleaning systems, Kärcher offers innovative and advanced solutions for all

Parts Cleaners

Parts cleaning – environmentally friendly due to water-based cleaning agents. Ideal for removing grease and

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