Kärcher Home & Garden are products for household use, which include steamers, vacuum cleaners, spray-extraction machines, drill dust catchers and window vacuums.

Your Cleaning Solution

Pressure Washers

In 1950 Alfred Kärcher invented the high-pressure cleaner…

Cordless Electric Brooms

Cordless electric brooms are used when using a vacuum is too much effort…

Window Cleaners

With Kärcher scrubber driers, floors are hygienically clean and spotless.

Floor Polishers

Achieve optimal results when polishing parquet, laminate, stone, PVC…

Multi-Purpose Vacuum Cleaners

More than power – refined technology for perfect cleanliness…

Water Filter Vacuum Cleaner

For those who like things to be as clean as possible…

Steam Cleaners

Kärcher steam cleaners make it possible to clean hard floor surfaces…

Steam Vacuum Cleaner

Steam Cleaning, wet and dry vacuuming: Karcher Steam…

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